Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Karma Is Waiting ~ Some Day The Final Clean-Up Arrives

busy, busy busy...over next to nothing

Why do I spend so much time helping others, advising others and receiving next to nothing?
Not that I am expecting something in return, which I never, but I have been hitting the walls often
Either I am taken for a ride or I am taken for granted
I did not react nor do I complain; alas! how long can my patience and magnanimity lasts

I see many seizing opportunities, even for the slightest reward
I notice many chanced at glory
Is this greed or vainity? Guess, it's plain selfishness
The desire to grab is greater than the willingness to share

How is it that gracious Societal norms decay to this extent? Or, am I the 'last soldier' holding the torch? Alas
The increased costs of living, the expensiveness of almost everything and the need to 'compare & compete' with the Joneses seem to be possible reasons
The Elites ringfenced their parameters and opportunities ; birds of a feather Flocks together
The crumbs on the table are for the commoners

How do you expect society to be gracious if the apex top-sliced and leave little in the food chain?

The need to survive is as much as the need to grab and move ahead
The false prophets who leads by 'Lip-service' aggravate the situation
The selfish leaders keep the food chain short and flat
Who's to blame when the Society's fibers tear? Does anyone really cares for many will take flight

The rich cannot live in a sea of poor as no building stands long without good, broad foundation
I may be the 'last soldier' in the queue but some day, somehow...
Fairness will be in the levelling down
I have been there, done that

Eventually, death is the leveller

I am no savior nor angel
But, my conscience is crystal clear that if there's Karma, I will be around to witness
I do not subscribe to the saying that 'do good and you will be rewarded...'; as I am a living proof
Some day, somewhere soon...sufferings will stop when greed and selfishness stop

The day may be when God commands a final clean-up

The time is ...I do not know

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