Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Every Good Deserves Another Chance

Mother Nature cares for everyone, big & small...

There is a price and time for everything
Just as day & night changes, good and bad will change too
The toughness is in the waiting... 

Despite wearing two pieces of jackets, I was freezing 寒冷 to death and praying for day break in HK some years ago; alone and lonely
Who will ever believe that the weather in HK can be so torturous and understand what I went through?

It's spring time again and the flowers bloom and the birds tweets
CNY ~ Monkey(Chinese New Year) is here and events are as volatile and unpredictable as the swing
My firm believe, assertiveness and assuredness were, at times, shakened
I learnt, and is still learning, to 'do nothing' while the cosmic forces are turbulent
I wait out as the fundamentals haven't change
The toughness is in the waiting...  

The Total Solar Eclipse falls on the 8/9 March 2016
     As in most previous Solar Eclipses, the stock market rally
This year opened with major downswing that even the 
       Capricorn effects was muted

There is a cyclical movement that dictates UPs & DOWNs, bloom & doom ; no different in the stock and commodity markets. After years of growth, slowing down is a norm.  Some day, some how, the sky brightens again

I argue adamantly but not blindly, we will enjoy a short term reprieve
The market shall rebound...& soon indeed
Let there be 'light and view' ~ the alley may be narrow but it will be wide enough to save many
I am the incurable optimist

Don't worry, be happy
If Mother Nature cares for the little nooks and corners, all things big and small
We are in good hands
In God, I is a given

Be there when the tides return...

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