Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucky - the personal choice

What Is Luck...or to be lucky

When everything is going your way, you thought you were lucky until when you end up furthest away from your goal

When all that you wished for come true then you realized that it was, afterall, not what you really wanted

That there were no obstacles and the journey was smooth, then you came to a deadend down a steep cliff

That the victorious homecoming after the war was hollow when you realized that your village was flattened during enemy air-raids

Life's many twists and turns may not necessarily be bad
The objections, obstacles and delays may turn out to be blessings in disguise
The failures, disruptions and challenges are events that help you cut short your learning circuit as Providence has other provision for you

There are people who gain wealth but lost their family
There are paupers who found family warmth and care

Go...chase your dream
Setbacks are checkpoints; take a bearing and map your journey

The French Revolution transfered power to the people but excesses, in any form, caused Societal decay

The Boshevik Revolution resulted in the creation of Soviet Union - 'powers were transfered' to the workers who subscribed to the ideals of Central control and equality for all.. a pipe-dream

Wall Street's toxins were consumed by Main Streeters who swallowed it lock, stock and barrel yet the perpetrators and originators were richly rewarded and taxpayers money were used to bail out the failed financial institutions despite 'blood on Main Street'; the 'small man' banks went under too
Capitalism or Communism or any philosophy when carried to extremes will almost always self-destruct

Everybody is as lucky as he achieves his goals; the (blind) followers will always be the sacrificial lamb

The next time when you pray or wish for something, just make sure that when you achieve your goals you can proudly scream "I Am Lucky" ...

To me.. being alive with health, sanity and wisdom is being LUCKY 

Being Lucky Is More Important Than Being Smart; I rather be lucky

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