Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blame Game

When you refuse to admit your fault, you will never be wrong! Sure, you will also never have a chance for repentence

When things go wrong, it is easier to point finger at others
But, for every one finger you point, the other four are pointing toward you

Only excuses are offered when you are in self-denial
No reasons have ever been extended because the weak delve in excuses
To hide their own weaknesses and self-serving motives, they will try to convince the world of their 'worthy' acts

Tyrants and dictators will see things only in one perspective; their OWN, one and only view
For those who pleases them, they will be richly rewarded; nevermind the 'emperor without clothes'
For those who opposes and offer alternative views, however constructive, punishment and disincentives await

It is positive to be determined and single-minded when attempting tasks
It is quite another and negative, if that's stubboness in disguise

I cannot change your mind neither will I try
I only pray that when the show ends, no one gets hurt

A coward uses threats and violence
A wiseman uses his brain to undo the coward
Time will tell

Why wait till your beloved and your most loved dies
The right of views and to be heard is not sacred if its baseless and without reasonableness

Think again...
Think hard

When life passes, you can never repent, let alone make good all that is lost

Make life alittle easier and the heart alittle lighter...for you and for ALL

Everyone needs space and when you push someone to a corner, the only way out is to react
You will never know the strength and force of a 'weakling'... but it is definitely not worth finding out

When things go wrong, find a solution NOT a fall guy   

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