Saturday, June 4, 2016

Envy: The Poison Of The Soul

problem...problems...loads of problems

Men quarrel over two things; woman or money
Women quarrel over anything; things they disagree with, not necessarily right or wrong
Success also brings along fresh perspective and new problems
Failure is simple and decimate future problems & also evaporise your future
There is a price for everything, may not be dollars along but efforts

Rich & famous do not mean problem-free
Howard Hughes - tycoon, aviator, philanthropist, recluse needed to be identified at death
Casey Johnson - heiress to Johnson & Johnson, died at age 30
Frank Sinatra - suffered depression and mood swings & tried committing suicide twice
Callie Rogers - strike $3mil lottery at age 16 & messed up her own life on coke
钱不是万能 但没钱是万万不能
Leslie Cheong - singer, reportedly left behind HK$600mil, suicide
钱多不一定没问题 有时候就是钱惹的祸

The empty mind is the devil's workshop
When the basics are fulfilled, newer wants are created & greed breeds
Expectations may not be rational but exceptional
Demands are made, logic aside
The human mind must be kept busy and filled with some worries and projections

 Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. ― Mahatma Gandhi

Whether friends or siblings, self-sufficiency is the way
If and when everyone prospers, that's uniquely successful
It's possible to help but sustainability need self & efforts
The biggest evil is greed & it's potently destructive if comingled with envy
Do not blame others for your failures as you, especially if you readily blame others, you will never share your success willingly; you're an incorrigible leech

Problems of life is not money or the lack of it
It's the self-serving and envy that brew troubles; you cannot see beyond your nose
Be independent, care & share and not leech nor lie for a better tomorrow
If destiny is fated, you yourself craft your own path
Get up and get going; go forth and conquer the world

The togetherness is to build good health, positive mind and a friendly network
There's nothing about wealth nor money
A lot efforts are 'put into' training and getting together
有健康就有机会 明天会更好
Do not earn wealth to pay for health  

Stay healthy for a better tomorrow
Money can buy many things but you cannot employ another person to 'suffer your sickness'
Steve Jobs has all the money in the world but his wealth cannot 'bribe' his cancer away
Do not leech on, nor envy, your friends & siblings

God willing, everyone will succeed within their abilities

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