Friday, June 17, 2016

Live Healthily ~ Be Happy

keep going, stay healthy...

Age is a digit that keeps adding & never drops
Health and mobility is constantly declining
As much as you wish to upkeep and maintain your bodily capabilities, you can only slow the decline
生老病死 The natural cycle of Birth, Aged, Sickness, Death aptly define life metamorphosis
For whatever reasons, as age catches up, our bodily health declines; slowing down is a must
However, nothing destroys more than a bout of illness

The worst is not illnesses but the giving up of "The Will" to live

Living healthily includes happiness
No one can live healthily if the mind is clouded with doubts, worries and problems
Many pray to God for 'Good Health' but live in the shadows of doubts
Where negative vibes build, the Soul cannot be 'well & fine' but it's spirit undermines
Only birth and death is beyond our decision
没有做不到的事 只有还没想到
But, without good health, many things are fairly impossible

心有多大 舞台就多大

I was a weakling forced to grow up in a 'wild' neighborhood
I was poor but built my way up 白手起家
Educational qualification/papers were collected along the way; from Lambaga to VITB to Private colleges & Uni
Work was a breeze as I made it so; the hunger to succeed superceded any iota to complaint
Survival and prosperity were on the same side of the coin

I had survive the onslaughts of challenges; real, fake & sinister
Nobody will stand by you when your cards collapse but your family & a couple of bosom friends, if any
Some money in-hand comes in handy when life hits the pit
Back to the basics is a lesson; well taught & learnt well
Life wasn't lonely but alone
Like day & night, we must persevere.
For tough days don't last, tough people do

There are no hero
All heroes are dead & remembered
When life gets rough, stay cool and calm
Nobody sails through the eye of the storm without being shaken
But, everyone who returns safely live to tell a tale

God is watching

Be Good & Live To Tell Your Tales

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