Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ironies Of Life

the month of May came and went ...effortlessly and unknowingly

It's June - half a year into 2016
What have you done in the past five months that have added positively to your well being
What were the setbacks that almost 'drown' you, if any
Could life has be crafted better or, perhaps, even worse

God does not have a mid-term report card for anyone of us

Whether it's good or bad, better or worse, somehow it will keep changing
When you can't let-go, it means you can still shoulder the weight/pain 放不下是因为还能扛得住
Easier said than done; I walk away from trying situation as far as I possibly can
When I can't, I manage it and prayerfully it will not implode & nuke my life

I have long accepted that 'if I give in, avoid it determinely, try to minimize any damages, take some punches, yet it implode' then, the cleaning and rectification re-starts! Not a choice sometimes
What if death occurs? Death is also a solution, unfortunate though
Sometimes, the victim dies, at others, the perpetrator
Man proposes, God disposes

The reality is "you may want to stay neutral, be supportive or even accept disadvantages" does not mean you will be left alone peacefully ~ undisturbed
该来的一定回来 该发生的总是会发生
Let's face it: nothing kills you but it can make you really miserable
If misery can kill you (a person), then why are there still so many malnourished, underprivileged miserable people in the in Africa and North Korea? Irony...

The physical disadvantages do not maim
The emotional shortcomings kill
Envy is worse than jealousy
Ego/Pride is worse than principle

I am walking through a very trying period; not physically nor financially but emotionally
I guess,the problem is I have provided too much care and comfort that the freedom from worries transformed into gossips, innuendoes and unreasonable demands from my 'closest'
I am waiting patiently to walk away from this ...slow cooker

Someday, when I am not around & have departed from the debacle
The nostalgia would be ", when he was good..& so good..."
Then life would have come a full circle
I will become HAPPY again

Isn't this an irony?!!? I share all to make everyone happy or as 'comfortable as possibly can'
But, with freedom, maybe I should call this 'boredom', came mischief
Let the cards collapse & let the future takes form
I have done my BEST

Long after everything falls into place, I will have my last laugh

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