Thursday, April 21, 2016

Motivation : Be Inspired

be like water; no shape, no size, fluid...constant weight

Every success starts small, some from misery
Bruce Lee was an unrated actor in Hong Kong, then Hollyhood
His selling point was his form of martial arts
Speed, accurate, lethal with inner-strength

His return to Hong Kong started his superstardom but he did face earlier rejections
RaymondChow & Golden Harvest believed in him and the rest is history
Bruce Lee remained a legend today 
He believes in perfection and made it

An abused child at 9 years old, pregnant with an unwanted kid at 14 & losing the child at birth
Oprah Gail Winfrey turned her misfortune into a nett worth of us$2.7bil as a talk-show host
She believed in not dwelling in misfortune but to create a better tomorrow

Steve Jobs was an adopted child & graduated at High school
Ronald Wayne brought Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak together and Apple Computer was born
Wayne sold his 10% stake for us$1500 because he saw risk in what the Two Steves wanted to do
Jobs himself was replaced before returning to helm Apple & bring it to glory again
Steve Jobs was ousted from his own company, returned to helm it & bring it to higher grounds; retrenchment aka sacked is not the end of the world if you are worthy of your skills

Narayan Murthy was born poor but educated
He went on to set up Infosy with 10,000rupees and his parents did not stop hime from his initial business failure
He is worth us$1.7 bil
Narayan was born poor but (made it to) live rich; it is for you to write your own Fate

Jack Ma turned weakness into strengths
He learned English from tourists and graduated with a Bachelor degree in English
His faith in internet lead him to start Alibaba with $20,000; he is worth us$23.7bil
Jack turned weaknesses into strength and believes in sharing. He was also able to exploit others' strengths and make them better; the Synergistic Master

If you are lazy, indifferent and see problem before you see opportunity
If you are selfish, self-centred and greedy and never bother to share or offer help
If you are envious, loudmouthed and talk down to others
How can you immerse in negatives and expect positive results? There is no secret that the cosmic forces attract "Like to Likes..."

I have met many lesser known entrepreneurs but equally successful
Their stories inspire
Why not do something and inspire others too? If Fate is destiny, I will write my own page

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