Monday, April 18, 2016

Reality Versus Providence : Efforts Win

it's muddling's mind boggling

The sudden string of earthquakes & the repeated volcanoes eruption over the globe
From Mynmar to Pakistan and China
From Japan to Equador & stretch into Tonga and Afghanistan
Worry not; it's a natural phenomenon

Many worry that they have no money but, with 'Good Health', money can be found when efforts are sold or bears fruits
Without health, many are living dead活生生 though fairly rich
You really cannot eat 'money' nor buys health with it

My bucket of wishes; the 'DOs & DON'Ts' is fluid
Of late, many asked if I've retired and I am kinda unsure
What is 'retirement'? I am actively seeking economic opportunities and struggling to find income
I am an unemployed economic mouse seeking my next piece of cheese ...

I am seeking inner peace and struggling to develop 'a mind of indifference'
I wanna leave worries behind an 'plough the land to seek peace and harmony' 
Fame, power, money and recognition is a fool's gold
Temporary-ness and instant satisfaction is like the last and gone in a moment

Ala! I'm as human as everybody; constantly caught between material needs and desire

However rich you are, you need some food & water ; Too much rich foods is the surest route to illness
However poor you are you need to survive to see the next sunrise ; excesses are always bad
Change your ways/minds and you change your life 
You become what you think/decide

I am in a flux; can't do nothing & struggling to do something 
Trying to earn my keeps, I guess

Is this called 'mid-life crisis? Umm, but I have passed mid-life long ago...
I have my fair share of successes and failures and I hardly blame anyone nor any circumstances
Neither do I believe in Fate [If I ever believe in Providence, I'd like to write my own page]
My backbreaking toil, honesty, diligent & earnest learnings and street-wisdom shall bear fruits

I may not be able to achieve every thing but I shall harvest whatever is/are delivered
Reality is always cruel and harsh; Providence is a 'chance' meeting opportunity
My efforts are genuine and 'bulkbuilding'; a day at a time, a little add to abundance
Some day soon, I will succeed on my own terms

Every little drop fills the ocean

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