Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Time

Everytime something happens to me for the first time, I was not prepared... like when I was born

You must have heard of, and say, many 'the first time I ...'

You will never be prepared for the first time; accept it!

The first time I lost, the first time I won, the first time I passed, the first time my heart stopped pumping, the first time my girlfriend/boyfriend left me, the first time I came out alive in a raging forest fire... the first time will never be the best neither will it be the last time

Life is a cycle, a 'lateral cycle'
From the beginning to the end
From birth to death... the only differences is volatility and
velocity of change
Nothing is constant

Do not let one defeat be the last nail on the coffin
One swallow does not make a summer

Success and failure have many 'first time'
Only life and death have ONE 'first time' each

Let your many 'first times' be a trail of successes and bundles of joy

幸运者也  幸福者也

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