Thursday, March 3, 2011

Be Encouraged

Back to the future...

The young hurries to grow
At mid-age you can only reminisce
When the sun set on us, we can only look back and take stock

Do all you can and all you want now
While the body is able and the mind capable

You must not wait until tomorrow to climb the mountain or to swim in the ocean
Like the lightning bolt hitting you, when your body fails, all possibilities become a greater challenge

When fortune smiles at you, make good and grow with it

Your parents are there to provide everything, you just need to excel in your studies; NO excuse for slacking
When your bosses trust and leave you to do a task, it's because he knows you can; incomplete work and half-commitment is self-destruction

Many ask for independence and freedom
But few accept responsibilities...omigosh

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity

Ask all that you want
Take responsibility for your action
The better tomorrow comes today if you are committed and take responsibility for your actions

The hard truth remains: you are responsible for all outcomes, like it or not
You can't plant apple seeds and expect durians! An action will cause a reaction -in short KAMA

A successful man never blame his tools

Go for it; if you fail today, make up and chase your dreams
One swallow does not make a summer
Do not let a single setback drowns you

Follow your heart and live your life to the fullest
Be it a mason, professional or a monk

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