Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's done, cannot be undone

But, it can be improved, remedied, altered or tempered ...

When Mother Nature roars, the earth shakes
All the intelligent planning, precautions, calculations and smartness in/of humans cannot match nor anticipate Mother Nature prowess and intent

Man can manage and anticipate all things artificial and thought-out by fellowmen

If land is limited, we built upwards
If the train is crowded, we increase the frequency of trips and use larger trains
If the road system is inadequate, we built underground, overhead, multiple rings and layers
If water is scarce, we 'manufacture' and recycle
If prices of factors of production go up, if 'importable', we import

Problems can be solved
Time is the essence

Foreign workers, foreign talents, foreign investments... foreign wealth - All are welcome
We can have them, do away with them or restrict their flow

Whether its Capitalism, Communism or Socialism, each is as distasteful as the next at extremes

When leaders care and share, its harmony
When leaders share but don't care, its discord and brews suspicion and disunity
When leaders grab all and crumbs are shared amongst all, change is overdue

All religious beliefs teach good
The World is big enough for all to share; We (all) pass this place (Earth) but once
Greed may finds you rich but it will never find you happiness

Help your fellowmen and share
Live healthily and happily, today and always
Death the leveller; be it King, pauper or layman

The World is not made for you and/or me
Its made for us/All... our roles may be different, our destination is always the same... from dusts to dusts

The rich cannot sleep well if surrounded by poor
The poor cannot sleep if hungry
The famous cannot enjoy fame if there is disharmony and social unrest
Each has a role, the decider is Fate, Providence and/or, if you belief, GOD

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