Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Life Made Simple

I eat to live, not live to eat...

We are born different, made differently and have different paths in our journey
Our roles are so different yet we will cross each other's paths one time or another
Nonetheless, nothing will be too dissimilar nor homogeneous

Your Truth is not my Truth and my truth is not your Truth. Water gives life but not form - Bruce Lee

The bondage that we have and carry will lessen as we give up humanly desires and belongings
When the Mind is clear, the Soul is enlightened

You will see clearer and attain inner peace when you give, forgive and deliver without motives nor asked

Motherly love is saintly
When Mother Earth roars and pours, misery abounds
Death is the Leveller - rich, poor, emperor or pauper, young, old, powerful or lame
From dusts to dusts

Like water, our Providence has no definite paths nor form

I like to be alone but loneliness is fearsome
I want to give up materialism but I fear hunger
I want to retreat and reside within my Beliefs/Religion away from humanly distractions but ... alas! Life is so simple yet complex

I am the Simplex - a simple person with simple wishes and earthly needs but caught in a complex world order

Live & Let Live

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