Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When You Are Emotionally Charged

Emotions know no boundaries...

When you are angry, walk away
Never reply when provoked; nothing good can come out of it
Finish your draft reply, saved it and re-visit it a day or two later; it will save you alot of agony trying to do damage control

A gambler will bet his fortune, including his last dollar
A garbled mind cannot reason so how can it ever win? A fool and his money will soon part

A dead drunk may find his way home but he will never know how he manage to get home nor which route he has taken

In a quarrel, nobody speaks well of the other party
If you can separate the 'goodness' and doubts in the other party, a quarrel is as remote as finding the needle in the haystack

Why are divorces bitter and marriages sweet? When marrying, you are blinded by love. When divorcing, you are all rage... alas!
If you don't marry, how to divorce
If you don't taste sweetness, you can't tell what's bitter

When the heart rules, its emotion multiplied
When the brain rules, its logic ad infinitum

There is no Right or Wrong answers and reactions

You just have to be prepared for, and to bear, the consequences of your actions ... and the reactions

The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind - Buddha

Never get Mad, get Even

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