Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rewards and its attendant ill-effects

In the World of the Blind, the one-eye man is the King...

Who determines whose life?

When you don't pay, underpay or overpay the employee, the result is equally disastrous ...
- don't pay : nothing gets done
- underpay : something get done but incomplete
- overpay : nothing gets done because time is spent protecting his own turf, cooking excuses and shifting responsibilities to others 少做少错,没做不会错

The is a limit to rewarding materially for good work or a job done well

Money alone is ineffective as too much (rewarding luxuriously) of it brews complacency, 'I know best' attitude, thoughts of being indispensable, devious schemes to keep others (and other ideas) out... the ills are not dissimilar to the Emperor without clothes; "worship the Paymaster and kill the disquiet challenges"

Excuses take the place of reasons
Inaction replaces initiatives
Ring-fencing and power grab breed contempts

Is money the one and only motivator? No...
- Ask Gandhi, Lech Walesa, Sun ZhongSun, Ho ChiMin...
- Ask Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Zhang ChengFei, Li YanHng...

You may be born poor but don't stay poor
Entrepreneurs are born but few manifest into successes
Leaders are born but few make it to great respectable stature


Work with passion
Die for a cause
Eat to live and NOT live to eat

When you force/make the World to eat out of your hand
Someday, your hands will be bitten 

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