Friday, April 22, 2011


Anxious for results, differing expectations, timing differences or simply 'out-of-luck'...

When you are born, your parents were anxious that you should 'grow up quickly' instead of enjoying your babyhood aka their parenthood

When you are 10, its all about schooling and grades whilst your parents worried about gearing for the house, car and other material acquisition

As puberty arrives, they worry about the birds and bees, the wrong company you potentially may get into, the modern day addictions like internet... these being the passing route of growing up; it the natural order of growing up

At 20s and 30s, everyone joins in the 'Worry Game'! You worried about career as your parents too. Money becomes part of the worry or/as in 'lack of it'...

40 is the golden age for the successful; its a 'hockey stick' jump! You come of age and success beacons and shines like the lighthouse guiding the aircraft carrier over narrow straits, the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' still trying but not knowing where is the end game

Hitting 50, its your turn to worry

You takeover the worrying issues that once bogged down your parents; health, harmony, money, a place in society, the imminent parting of dear ones... and take on new ones

Break the 'Anxiety' chain

Whether you are poor or rich, we live through lives with many expectations and challenges
The lesser your expectations, the lesser the setbacks, the lesser you need to worry

Do your best and leave the rest

Do not worry yourself to the grave
Take whatever comes; you need only one meal a day to survive and excel 

The rest are bonus

Man Proposes, GOD Disposes

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