Friday, April 8, 2011

Days Of My Life

Some days are made longer than others...

Sunday is shortest; with sleep-in, siesta and laze

Monday is just as short; starts early, coffee breaks, gossips, lunch, review last week's work and planning this week's work

Tuesday is work day; start working, take a break, finishes last week's work... this week has yet to start

Wednesday is really a working day

Thursday is spent thinking of how to finish up this week's work and also planning a 'stowaway' for the weekend

Omigosh, TGIF; its Friday again! Finish up what was started on Wednesday, early beers, break for the weekend

Saturday is HOLIDAY, rest well, play hard...

The week repeats itself

Its Tough Getting Started... why complain when you only need to work one day in a week? Happy working...

Work to Live, do not live to work

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