Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When My Heart Stops

Like day and night, someday I will leave ...

There are so much to see and so much to explore
This little island is fast becoming disconnect to the world of reality
The dreams have become nightmare for many with rich-poor gap widening
Rewarding the selected few able and capable has made Lehman Brothers looks like a good junk bond

The educationally exceptional are called scholars and are earmarked for hi-speed success
Their career are planned, their destination can be seen from the horizon
The Selected Few; the future leaders! Omigosh, if you are one, you are potentially a multi millionaire
Work hard? Brilliant? Lucky? Guess, your ancestors' fengshui were correctly erected

Who is working hard? Everyone can work very, very hard but it's luck that sees you there

The poor, the less able and the less fortunate are foot soldiers in the battlefront
They have to fight for survival, fight to keep their jobs and what's on the table
Their jobs are as fluid as the flood of cheaper substitutes that rush onshore
There are no safety net, not even a float

Inequality and unfairness is the norm; Law of the jungle is the Law
If you fight, you bleed or gain. If you believe that others are fighting your cause, you are doomed
Money can buy most things and make living fine
Without money or poor, you are as listless as a boat in the ocean; drifting, surviving but not living

Someday, there should be a return
Returning the power to the people, for the people, by the people, no violence though

Someday when its my turn to go, I will go
But, I shall live healthily and share my ideals
If I can help mankind and my fellowmen live a little better, release them from bondages, I will
I am no super hero; just living fruitfully without regrets and fear

If tomorrow didn't come
I know I have lived to the fullest

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