Saturday, March 10, 2012

Singapore Dream Vs American Dream

A Singaporean laments ....

Judging from the netizens responses, Singaporeans seem to be loaded with frustration and needed to ventilate their views. These are not without reasons.

While it is factually correct that if you earned S$1,000, you can afford to buy a 2-room HDB flat but that's only mathematically surreal; what is left is not enough to eat and live a decent living.

Why spend $1.1bil to supplement the existing transport companies instead of issuing a license to a new transport operator and let them challenge the time-proven inefficiencies and lameness. Given protection, the duopoly need not to grow up! 

There is a noticeable shortage of supply of local doctors, medical auxiliary personnels and even beds. Could this be an oversight in planning or co-ordination lapses? It is not too late to allow more Singaporeans to read medicine in our local universities and to train auxiliary medical support personnels in our Polys or ITEs. 

With increased supply in five to eight years time, we would have narrow the gaps and provided sufficient beds to meet demand henceforth stabilizing medical costs.

While it is strategically intelligent to sponsor foreign students (scholars), who are potentially future leaders in their home country, it is imperative to be selective as recent (second upper class passes) statistics do not speak well of the so-called foreign scholars. Successful foreign scholars who returned home could be beneficial to Singapore in the long term but it is a moot bet.

Have faith with our locals; give them the support and built a local pool of talents. Why wouldn't we cherish our youths who screamed 'I will defend Singapore with my life' doing NS and all true blue Singaporeans who are here to stay?

When Singaporeans speak out against any, or some, policies, they are not necessarily unconstructive nor rebellious. It is because they feel the pinch and are bearing the brunt of the negative effects. If one person complains, it is probably him that is the problem. But, if many complain, there must be sound reasons and the complain must be investigated and its ill-causes rectified. 

I believe our leaders have good intention and have a heart for locals. However, there is no need to make negative and sweeping statements nor dismiss an issue simply because a policy had been adopted. Could it be that the policy writers have been cope up in the 'ivory tower' drafting the policies without really understanding the grounds?  

General Colin Powell accorded his battles successes to his men, especially those in the trenches and foxholes; the unadulterated feedback from the grounds.

A good leader has a heart for the people; an excellent leader shares his people's dream.  

In this uncertain environment and economic volatility, our leaders must share the people's dreams and speak their lingo; being factually correct is not good enough, you need the human touch.

I am a true blue Singaporean who believe strongly that we, Singaporeans, will make it together. Let us not just be factually correct but to share a common dream - the people's dream. 

It is overdue for Singaporeans to stand up and be counted as 'one people (Singaporean), one nation (Singapore)'. The foreign talents and foreign workers are here for economic reasons and they will leave our shore when we are economically hollow. If we do not, or cannot, spare a thought and aid our fellowmen, who will?

I am here to stay; can you say the same?


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