Friday, November 8, 2013

The Truths : MSM versus Alternative Media/Blogs (AMB)

Information, misinformation, truths and half-truths...


reports usually pro-establishment

Its everything good, rosy and harmony

Statistics are polished to reflect the 'right' news

Pro-Govt views are praised and non-conforming, confronting and non-conventional views are caged

Surveys, comments and feedbacks are generally skewed towards pro-establishment

Weak in reporting frank, challenging opinions


reports dissent, discrimination & discontent

It dissect, discuss and present facts for their readers

Statistics are analysed and weakness reported

Pro-Govt views are scorned upon while most news are reported

You hear both/all sides of the comments with some brutally frank opinions

Report as 'it is' with minimal editing on those with expletives, cursing & 'mannerisms' issues

Conclusion -

Both serve a purpose; to allow comparison and to reflect preferred views or truer/factual views. However, its best not to distort views.  It's also good to know when you are consistently 'one-sided'. Nonetheless, a 'broken clock is right twice a day' & readers understand.

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