Monday, November 4, 2013

Do Not Tell Lies

A lie is a lie, including white lies...

When you lie to a kid, you give false hopes
Soon he will learn that this is a hopeless world where everything is promised until delivered
Trust is scarce
You kid learns to lie in order to survive & achieve what he wants

When you lie to your family, they live in uncertainty
Soon your family will have to make decisions without you as you are not dependable
Family warmth is absent & silence is deafening with your presence
Without you, your family becomes more hopeful

When you lie to elders or elderly, including your aging parents, you are hurting them
They may not blame you because its motherly/parental love but your hurts live and multiply within
They love to see you happy, bathe in your lies and sacrifice their time but wallow in misery
The biggest punishment is they die with a smile and you have not chance to say "I am sorry"

It's stressful to lie as you need to remember what you had said

No amount of redress and rectification can make those hurt by you recover
The physical scars remain & the emotional hurts is imbedded in the blood
Whatever you do, do not lie

Some  day, some time, the hyenas will dance around the aged, defenceless lion king
He lied that he is the king of the jungle as we all know, death is the leveller

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