Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Singapore - Don't Despair

Where there is a will, there is a way...

I am quite caught up with the social inequality, discontent, maltreatment and disadvantages in Singapore and have always wanted to 'right the wrong'. But, many a time, there is little I can do except to voice out in the internet, be it through feedbacks, forums, Facebook and the likes.

I have also wonder aloud what can I achieve or is there someone out there listening, or even bothers to listen? Most times, I conclude that 'I am talking to myself'; not mad but a new normal afflicting many.

There are supposedly so much discord and uneasiness amongst the population. Issues like rising costs; housing, cars, food, medical & medicine - not a week pass without some price rises!

What went wrong?

Whether the Government (G) is looking into it, seems to be looking into it or will vigorously rectify the cries and bagful of issues is beyond me alone. But, taken as a whole, drips & drops fill an ocean. But, having said this, I am still hopeful.

I am aware there are many religious and charitable organisations and philanthropic people who go out of their way to help the poor, the needy, the sick, the less able and disable. Even the rag & bone aunty who comes around my area donates generously to charity & others in need.

It is heartwarming that our G do/must support these causes and efforts. The G must refrain from making things (eg rentals, leases or utilization of space) expensive and scarce. In fact, spaces should be made readily available for such selfless acts. I shudder to think that 'must collect fees' approach.

A friend of mine use to (and still does) organise charitable work together with CCs. The CC provide the tentage and he organise, including looking for volunteers, sponsors, helpers, cook and distribute. The CCs 'get the name' and he (and others) get to work. The only strange thing that I observed is, on occasion, even the VIP is absent (didn't turn up) to support the event.

Another two business friends I know run a soup kitchen and provide meals daily, come rain, sunshine or thunderstorm.

Many a times, I hear & read that G is not doing enough. It is not for me to judge neither will I. Well, The people can see. If everyone keeps complaining and nobody lift their hands, sufferings & pains increase, problems and resentment multiply; what good do we get?

May I suggest to all; help if you can, care & share. We can't wait until we have the last man standing. Instead of complaining about those who didn't do or support the/your cause, why not proactively offer yourself, your efforts & money counts.

To a better Singapore; to a better world...

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