Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nothing Is Permanent

Everytime I looked back, it is almost the same as before ...

Life isn't a bed of roses
Everyone faces different challenges
A close relative was fighting for his life last night battling advance stage cancer
The doctor told the family 'to be prepared'
He live to see sunlight today ... maybe, there will be many more 'todays', even months

I discovered that the Association that I am helming & serving had made decisions against better wisdom many years back
I tried to reverse it but something just do not have U-turns
The bright spark is 'it's getting better since I joined' although their old habits die hard
I am sure it can be better but, alas, my stamina is running low

I see my country's politicians trying hard to convince the people that they can deliver what's promised
I also hear them say 'Their decisions is/are for the good, if not better, for the people'
I like what they have said but ...
Many are feeling
- the heat of increased costs of living
- the incremental and incidental taxes
- the uncertainty of jobs & income
- the 'lack of belonging' & the feeling of being less wanted
These are serious cries & feelings of abandonment and unrequited commitment ... whether true, casted or imagined! Omigosh - DO NOT take away his dignity

There are people who die for their country
There are people who die for love
We will all die finally; but we have to make our living wholesome & worthwhile
Different people, different statures and different class with very different aspirations
But ONE country - the country of birth

The world is a stage and we are all actors

There are no fools on Earth; just people who think they are smarter
When the time is up, we face the Creator
We account for our acts and thoughts
Whatever is yours shall be yours
Whatever isn't, even you knifed someone in the grabs, it shall never be

Let's live and let live

I am walking into winter, cold as always & hard as ice
Some day, my hardness as ice shall melt into the melodies of water

I am human

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