Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who Is The Boss

Sometimes, people forget 'who's the boss'?

In the world of governments, the minority is selected, appointed & elected to lead their flock
But, instead of service, care & share with the flocks, many lord over their 'masters' - the very people who choose them to speak, fight, negotiate and design a better life

In the world of employers, the employers pay the employees wages & remuneration in exchange for efforts, commitments and contribution. Most will work diligently and deliver their best but a meaningful lot will 'work enough', 'seen to be working', 'talk their way up', 'ringfence their positions' & delegate everything, including responsibility. If it's at the lower ranks, work is slow & seldom done. If it's at mid-management, meetings are the norm with minimum execution. The worst if it's at the top: nothing gets done, lots of talks and no action with the mass suffering

In the world of employees; when you pay them enough, they work well. When you reward them fairly, they take initiatives and work better. When you reward them luxuriously, they needn't work but spend time guarding & protecting their position - this group behave like they are BOSSes

Familiarity breeds contempt

When the boss is too trusting and 'signs blank cheques', his subordinates rise to dominate
There must be checks and balances; not that there are distrusts but there is a need to check that variances are within manageable range and we don't sink like the Titanic

Who's the boss is not the most definitive as without accountability, transparency, fairness, with care & share, the system will collapse due to ill-will, selfishness and greed

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