Sunday, December 30, 2012

There Is GOD

For the first time since 2008, my December post is hollow...

It's quite unimaginable
It defies logic

I was chasing the rainbow for my pot of gold
I was taken for a ride; afew rides
I was determined; on hindsight it was blind determination - more obstinacy than determination

Silly was me

If there was a GOD, He was truly missing
I was left to fend for myself - alone
I felt betrayed

All my faith & beliefs were gone

I detested the abandonment
I fought with all my mortal strengths
However and whatever I tried, its all in vain

There was an immediate divorce between me, the mortal, & God, the Almighty

Today ... I am alone but not lonely
I still need, and will harness, the strength of/in GOD
We are not alone; there is a GOD - the guiding force

The world did not end - which I never believe it will ever
My December is about to end and to begin with a New Year
But ... me?

It's the drive to succeed and to see successes ... that I survive into prosperity, peace & harmony

With ... GOD
We are NOT alone

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