Friday, January 25, 2013

January - The Beginning Of Hopes

'I am going to the moon' is no longer just a dream...

Humankind lives on hopes and aspirations
However challenging, there will always be continuity and prosperity because of "Hopes"

The depressive years of 1930s, the World Wars, the Bubonic Plague...didn't end mankind

Every beginning of the year, resolutions are made
Every spring brings hopes; tomorrow will be better

The world is made smaller because of compression of time and space

FBs replaced penpals. What happen miles away, we know within seconds
Excessive speed of communication blurs & blinds thoughts causing information incontinence

There is hardly any secrets! You can run but you cannot hide

While many make new resolutions with the turn of a year; you can make many with the turn of a day
Don't despair. Day follow night as after bust comes prosperity

Whatever works, whichever suits you

Nobody can take away your happiness as U never allow it
If there is Destiny, it's all in your hands

You can be the grand oak tree that fights the storm or the blade of grass that dances in it

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