Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nobody Cares

Feeling down ...

Whether U are dead or alive, not many people bother except your love ones
U may feel ecstatic, miserable or lost but nobody's care
The world is filled with examples and U have met many
Why do U expect or need someone to care? When U were born, the doctor was hopeful U will cry
If U didn't cry or can't cry, his job is to pronounce U 'dead on arrival'

Will the wealthy and elite bother with the poor and proletariat? No, unless they need U or U are of value

Feeling down is not a sin
Feeling lost is simply directionless not desperation
As night will turn day, feelings do change
When U are down, lie low; many survive when bullets were flying by ...lying low
U are as good as when U have life; dead man tell no tales

Someday, somehow, somewhere everybody gets his due recognition

I saw this man with deformed hands
He was walking around the crowded food centre with a bag hanging around his neck, bowing to diners & wishing them well with a smile
Many gave him money; is begging his profession? He was smiling all the way to the bank

I saw another aunty asking for money from diners in another food centre
Many gave & when she approached me, I asked 'Are U hungry & I can buy U dinner'? She shook her head, walked away and continued with her begging
She didn't need the money, at least not so much, but she persisted
Hunger was not her problem; not having money is

Poor or rich, nobody really cares - everyday, someone is laughing to the bank as some will die along the wayside

Everyone, especially those higher up the food chain, will tell U 'what I am doing is good for U'

Forego your ego and U succeed better; Like the professional beggars

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