Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lighter Side Of Life

Tongue In Cheek...

Whats wrong with WikiLeaks? Telling the truth as plainly as it was when spoken - truth hurts

Why are there unemployment, underemployment or simply 'no' jobs? Statistics never lie neither does it tells the truth - happy searching

Why are there so many disconnected teens joining street gangs? They wanted to feel 'belonged' and be recognised - wise up

Why do some people commit suicides? If you can't solve your problems, exit and pass on to others - least sought solution

Why is it the Hong Kong MTR can run at lesser (time) intervals than Singapore MRT? The former caters to travelers demands while the latter demands travelers to take it or leave it  "People can board the trains – it is whether they choose to" - SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa - monopolist/oligopolist speaks loudest

There are plentiful of 'growth' in US and Europe - their debts keep growing - its about grammar

Why is it the West's debts grown so fast while the East is still 'far behind'? The Chinese characters (words文字) have yet to coined words like billions十亿, trillion千亿, quadzillion?, zillion?? .. simply no words to describe numbers that are too big - words that heavy but of no value

Why is income gap widening? Newer buildings are taller, bridges are longer, baby grows bigger - its the natural order of progress

When will the World or mankind ever be equal? Never - mathematically possible, practically impossible

More Regulations do not necessarily mean a better world but it certainly stifle creativity, entrepreneurship and 'thinkability' - ideas originate naturally

Will the world end? This question requires no answer - if it ends, we will meet again in the 'other world'

...alittle laugh lightens up the Soul

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