Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If We Do Not Help Ourselves FIRST Who Will (Help Us)?

The Best In Life Is Yours To Keep...

You smash things up when you are angry
You hurt yourself when you are depressed
You blame the whole world except yourself when things go wrong
Your negative power empowers you to self-destruct

If you had positively rein in on your 'misfortune' with ZENness and level mindedness, you reap the Goodness of Being and turn self destruction into growth; like a Lotus

Rest if you must but never quit
Just as the car needs refueling and the radiator needs water/coolant
It is not weakness to slow down nor stop; its a recharging process

There are TWO types of problems;
i) You have too much of a good thing and you don't know what to do except Indulge

ii) You are flooded with problems upon problems and you don't know what to do and your mind is filled ... with the problems, Not solutions
Fret NOT; both will pass over time .... good or bad

Better stop your journey than to reach a destination least desired...

There is no point in complaining that others are taking advantage of you as if you do not allow it to happen, it can never happen

You may be born rich but nobody is born poor as the fool and his money will soon part
Everyone arrives with nothing, naked and a scream
Fortune smiles at the eager, earnest, willing, able and capable person

You blame the system for belittling you, milking you, making your life miserable, downtrodden and self-serving
Yet, you oblige and opt not to change
The earlier your realize that the fault is in You and not the system, the earlier you salvage your destiny

We cannot change others

We can only change ourselves

I color my own life...the rainbow in the Buddhisattva 

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