Thursday, November 11, 2010

My World

Birds of a feather flock together...

Eagles fly and hunt alone and they are deadly accurate when zooming in on their target... the prey has no chance - you can hide but you cannot run
Eagles roam the horizon with commanding views, keen eyesight, razor-like powerful talons; ready for the kill

The Elites rule and seek comfort, companionship and progress in the protected circles of "Who's who"; in their ivory tower, high and almighty, they detest any slights and complains... my word is your command, you can neither hide nor run
Mine is a world where heaven takes place on earth 

Geese fly in V-formation to conserve energy and ease communication
To fly long distances, the birds take turns being in the front, falling back when they get tired
They are non-hunters, they are hunted

The compatriots and comrades ensure the food-chain is smooth runnning and iron out the kinks
Not of scholar grade, with a heart for all but not sundry, with an ambition built on dreams, hopeful, thoughtful, driven, full of fire and ideas but also 'down to earth'
Helping to even out the unequal chain and make living lighter, smarter and smoother 
Mine is a world filled with hopes

Domesticated, ducks and chickens, birds are food on the platter

At the bottom of the food chain, its 'damn you do, damn you don't'... every day alive is a day earned
The tomorrows are poetic, the future is bland
Mine is a make-believe world

I am none of the above; I like my fairy tale world
I am the ugly duckling and, one day, I shall be the graceful SWAN

I dare to dream and I make my dreams come true... if not now, tomorrow... I am a daydreamer

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