Sunday, July 25, 2010

Red, Amber, Green Colors Of Life

Stop, Go or ?? ...
There are times when you call your friends but no one answer the phones
It is also common when you manage to reach them they already have prior engagements
Other days, you thought your blackberry, SMSes and cellphone is down 'cos they are as dead as lineless

Sometimes, a walk through the food centres simply cannot yield a food that you might like to eat, however hungry you may be
Someday when you are driving, the roads seem clogged whichever way you turn/take

Sometimes, I cannot make a call from a public phone even though I have 10cents; "Why?" 'Cos public phones are rare, even if I manage to find one, it doesn't take coins; only phonecard! Worst of all,
my 10cents is in TWO 5-cents coins... thats life

You may have boarded the bus only to realize that you did not bring along your prepaid card, including your wallet. Out whip a $50 dollar note and the world stares at you like you are an alien...the stares is enough to melt you like chocolate in the heating pot

Have you been invited to a party only to realize that everyone is engaged and the place is buzzing with life except yourself. You are the square peg in a round hole and stranded miserably in the middle of Antarctic; cold like a polar bear to be admired and left alone

I am self-driven and. Health is my Capital and Motivation is my entrepreneurship
I strive to be better and pray for exponential growth; Red, Green, Amber are but only some colors in my colorful life...
My Aura reflects strength, lightness of being, speed, power and formlessness... above all... CALM 

Life's colors are choices -

Red - when everything stops, just stop. Like ice, it will melt in time; the calm, steely mind will meander when opportunity arises. Don't rush, flow...

Green - Go for it and strike while the iron is hot. Shoot for the stars when everyone gazes at you and hand you food, love and pleasures on a silver platter

Amber - Who cares? Do whatever you want and like; nothing in Life is cast on stone. If you are muddled up with the 'rights' and 'wrongs', you are living others' life! Why not please and suit yourself than to 'ask for approval'; the World only loves Winners.

The colors of your life is yours to mix and play.

Leonado da Vinci, Vincent van Gough, Michaelangelo, Monet...colored and fired up their own lives; YOU can too

I can wait at Red, shoot for the Green and take advantage of Amber

Every seconds of life will leave you green with envy 

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