Saturday, July 3, 2010

Leader Or Leech

The Truth Hurts ...

General Stanley McChrystal spoke his mind and loss his job.

General Powell listens to his men in the trenches but General McChrystal not only listen but fought alongside his men in special missions

Christopher Coke's, a suspected drug lord, arrest lead to unrest and fights with security forces as he was the Robin Hood in the Tivoli slum

Former Chinese Premier Zhao ZiYang was put away for siding with the students in 1989

A true leader is always prepared to pay for the price of his leadership
He is motivated by a cause and not material rewards
His vision is to lead the mass out of poverty, danger and uncertainty and into the uncharted future filled with hopes

His life is as valuable as his men
He lives a wholesome life without fear and favour
Everyone's ideal is his ideal; he lead the fight with zeal and commitment

In every unique circumstances, the/a real leader will rise

Are you the one? Or the leader-to-be

Whatever you do, or choose to champion, spare a thought for your fellowmen
Make their life alittle more pleasant and living alittle lighter
Do not take all and leave the crumbs
You cannot expect sacrifices from the mass and you indulge

At somewhere in time, Truth will prevail ...

He who bathes in blood, pays with blood

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. Plato

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