Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some questions need not be asked...

Why did it flood?
Because it rained heavily.

Why did you not get into the (MRT) train?
Because it was too crowded.

Why did he spray graffiti on the ... trains, wall, postboxes?
Because thats art-in-motion.

Why did he divorce his spouse?
Because he is married (uummm... quite true, if you are not married, you cannot 'have a' divorce!)

When something goes wrong, finding out "Why?" is not an end all.
After identifying the cause, a string of alternative/possible solutions must be offered and the 'best-fit' solution can be adopted and tried.
Henceforth, we learn from the error and move on.

When the 'wrongs' are 'righted', the route forward will be smoother
There is NO point blaming anyone for any error
The smart learn and grow to be better.
The fool repeats it.

If its beyond us to prevent like Acts of God, perhaps, the consequences can be minimized
If its within us and we are indifferent, we have only ourselves to blame if horror becomes terror.
Take responsibility and account to yourself and others.

If you had honestly tried your best, nobody will blame you
But, if you play the blame game and when someone gets hurt, you may get away...that is, if only the victims are not your immediate family members! You can run but you cannot hide.

The next time you visit the casino and bet your entire family's fortune on one hand and lose, don't ask "Why?"

The "WHYs" and "IFs" of life is always an 'afterthought'
Be aware and be prepared; a banana cannot split twice...

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