Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Do Not Live To Work

Work to live ...

Only two things every human beings cannot decide; life & death
Somehow two persons decide your arrival yet to make it or otherwise, the AlMighty decides
Death can never be a choice if your time is not up either

The journey between Life & Death is filled with choices; your choice
You can challenge every nooks and corners to reach the top
You can be an also-run
You can choose to stay, fight or flight

We need to eat enough, sleep well and be fit to enjoy the basics of life
You can have a spartan yet happy life
You can be wealthy yet miserable

To those whose happy marriages had ended with acrimonious divorces, look back; long before the appearance of your spouse, you were alone and happy. There is nothing to stop you from being happy again after walking out of a disastrous union

To those who loss their jobs after an illustrious career and the loyal workers; forget the job! Get organised, learn a trade and be entrepreneurial. With the years of experiences that you have, coupled with that of your less fortunate cohorts, you can turn trainers, placement agents, matching skills to demands... the world is yours to make

When all else fails, go volunteer your skills and time. It helps to built self-esteem yet you remain in circulation. Someday, somewhere you will find your equilibrium or others will recognize your talent. Most importantly, you will find a purpose in life

We work to live but not live to work

Whether you are rich or poor, you need (to find) a purpose in life
Finding a purpose gives you peace of mind and the good energy manifest

People have lived through the savage wars, the famine, the disasters.... and return prosperous and stable

You CAN too

A man goes to his Master for advices
His Master offers and pours him tea
The Master continues pouring and the tea overflows
The man asked the Master, "Why do you continue pouring tea when the teacup is already full?"
The Master answered; "You are like the teacup. If you don't empty yourself, whatever I say will never gets into you!"

 Give yourself a chance to return by casting away the lesser past...

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