Monday, July 5, 2010

When Death Comes a-Knocking

Everything changes ... even in death.....

Death is a closure of sorts
But, it leaves behind many unanswered questions - answers that will be buried forever

Death is fearful for the unprepared and many do not want to go when the time is up
But, the fine border between Life and Death is the breathe
When it stops. Life stops

Loving your spouse, repressing hatred and clearing misunderstanding
Such acts are redundant after the partnering party dies
You can forgive but he/she never gets to feel
Bad blood cannot continue without a receiving party

In Life, you argue, hate, enters into 'cold war', scheme against friends and love ones
Such negative manoeuvres are self-destructive and elicit negative responses
It is too late to regret your acts when Death comes a-knocking

The living lives to reap what they sow; the dead leaves behind everlasting sorrows
No chance to say 'I am sorry', no time for 'goodbyes' ... many words are left unsaid

Life is a journey
Death is a stop

Be positive, be forgiving, be All-endearing
Go for broke and chase your dreams
Do NOT hurt others and benefit yourself; you are just One in 6.6 billion (world population today)

Most importantly, the dead needs peace and the living needs time and space
Time and space to forgive and forget, to grow the positive energy and harness happiness
Manifest the energy and live a wholesome life

For when he/she is dead, everything involving him/her stops

Love ... love (everyone) all who affects you in one way or another today
...if you cannot, do not be a spoil sport 

When death comes a-knocking, a chapter is closed and a cast exit but the story continues

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