Friday, July 16, 2010

Living simply

Simple life...

When hunters hunt and plough the fields, men were self sufficient; there was never an employment
Harvest was abundance and populace were sparse
Horizon stretches as far as the eyes can see
Conflict were rare and communal living evokes happiness, care and hospitality

Jungles were shared bliss as man and animals make homes and multiply
The jingles from the choirs of birds and insects filled the air with harmony
Water provides life, beautify and cool the surrounding
Flora and fauna decorate every nooks and corners and add colours to green

Rainbows bridge the horizon
Rivers flow into seas and connects land
Fishes dance in the water amidst calm and warmth
Birds hovers high and scan the horizon

Life was simple and living was a breeze...

The basics of life are ... Air, Water & Sunlight

When the going is tough, go back to basics; a meal a day, plentiful to drink and dream

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