Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Flies

When time is lost ...

When I was young, I spend alot, alot of time fighting for survival
I helped and worked as hawker selling noodles, vegetables, eggs, bread... to eke a living
I was poorer than church mouse
Working is not a choice 手停口就停 but a necessity

In between work, I study
Tuition is non-existent and coaching is rare
Either I passed or the cane awaited me; pass the examinations or face the caning
The choice is clear

Childhood and teen were cycles of work, survival, study or punishment
I am probably the last batch of the "kok-ki-kok" noodle-man
Free time, if any, was spent playing marbles, flying kites, playing spiders, rearing fighting fishes
I grew up in the innocent age and entered young adolescent like a dodo

Before I knew, I entered adult age
My poor financial/family background did not allow me to continue higher education
That did not break my will to succeed neither did it decimate my climb up the social ladder; and in order to break out of the poverty cycle, I created opportunities

Through hard work and study, I empowered myself with knowledge and (academic) papers
Through sweat and toil and a sincere heart and soul, I carved a niche and succeeded careerwise
Like a deck of cards, my career collapsed along the way to the top
The defeat was as deadly as the bombing of pearl harbour

I limped in despair
I lived my life worse than a beggar
I walked away from my defeat, reformed, re-evaluate my choices and returned with a vengence
The positively charged will and upright character saw me through hell and back

But, the moment of darkness seemed forever in the trough
The dark alleys of defeat meandered like a maze
Walking away and giving up was the best choice then

It is sunshine and blue sky now
Some days it is like a desert
Some forsaken days are colder than the Arctic

I am Faith driven
I am Positively centric
I surf the up and down of my life cycle like an Olympian

Time really flies...I lost my youth to ignorance and lack of choice
My teen ticked by and adulthood reared its head
I have lost plentiful; I lost TIME

I never jump in triumphs and tribulations
Neither do I wallow in defeats 
I only manage Time

Time; my best friend
Time lost can never be found... I am living in the wilderness of the wild
With each passing time, I am furthest from the start & nearer the end...

It is IMPOSSIBLE to walk back!


Gilbert Goh said...

yableHi I like this post.

I am reminded of my past when it was pretty care-free and relaxed compared to the stressful lifestlye now.

Sometimes, I hope that I can be brought back to the past.

Maybe, age has really catch up with me and the body also easily ached and energy is getting low.

Let us live for the moment and don't think is short.

Anonymous said...


I sympathise with you.
Have you explored a career in the public sector.

If you have a degree qualification, the public service (which offers generic scope of work) offers a easier entry, i think...