Saturday, October 2, 2010

To Die Or Not To Die 命运自我手天涯由我选

Health Is Wealth... 健康不是人生的目的,而是最基本的条件

From Rwanda to Ethiopia, from Greece to Belarus, from Kashgar to Ordos, from Changi to Jurong
There are some pockets of poverty and misery; the difference is in the degree

Man's worries can fill the ocean and his problems can pile higher than Himalayan Ranges
From famine to survival, from having a meal to luxurious meals; there will still be 'not enough' to go round as the needs differ but the insatiable wants remain
Setbacks are like the blandness and bitterness of food before salt and/or sugar is added; otherwise how would you know what's saltish and/or sweet
I read of suicides or suicidal attempts when relationship breaks, when school grades tank, when one losses his job, when attention given was supposedly scarce...omigosh

When everyday's a sunshine, you get a desert
Too much of anything is always negative

We work for a living and not live to work
Relationship comes and goes if it is mismatched
Not everyone is academically incline and the World needs diverse skills, skillsets and craftsman
Popularity is for the vain

The next time you thought of wasting away a healthy body and to take your own life; "STOP" for a moment
Go visit the hospice and see how everyone is fighting to live another day; happily and 'healthily'
Go see what is a mortuary and feel the stillness and coldness when death comes a-calling

If you need to die - die for a reason; for the nation, for your loved ones - not to cowardly steals from yourself your life

Only a living being can make his mark and his presence felt
A healthy person can do anything to better his quality of life
Without health, even the richest man, can do nothing - lying on your sickbed with tonnes of dollars pile up to ceiling height has NO meaning 活生生的

A healthy mind and a healthy body can move mountains and join streams

With health I can find happiness and money
With only money (and without health), I may not find happiness but I certainly CANNOT buy health

The World is yours to keep; be the roving swordsman or the hermit in the cave, climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest ocean...
And the shortest route to Heaven is definitely NOT suicide

I cannot find you happiness but I certainly can point the route towards healthiness, happiness and wholesome living 命运自我手天涯由我选

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Gilbert Goh said...

Ya its true that survive can never solve a problem but sometimes the storm we faced can be overwhelming.

As emailed by you, many of my readers have suicidal thoughts as they face a bleak outlook ahead. Many are aged PMETs and see no future for themselves.

Its my job here to provide them an outlet and hope so that they can live to fight another day.

Thanks for featuring this in your blog.

Keep up the good work!