Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Happier Earthling

Human Migration ...

Planet Gliese 581g, an Earth-like planet, is 195 trillion km away; maybe someday we will move to Gliese.

Today, countries are demarcated by political boundaries where each claims sovereignty (sovereign rights to rule).
Why can't we just share everything and every resources found on earth?
Why can't we be called Earthlings or Globeans instead of Americans, Europeans, Africans, Chinese... ?

Humans claim superiority over other humans and the Rule of Law will never be equal as the Rule of Gun is still, and shall remain, dominant.
The negotiation table will never be level.
The 'gentleman-ness' of human creed has never existed in substance but in form.
Each shows respect to the other because the next major war will end all wars; humans will be decimated by MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).

There are some who claim to be elite, superior, God-like or with God-given authority to rule but a class of elite cannot overrun nor control a mass of commoners.
A hungry man is an angry man; the rich can never live in peace if surrounded by mass/massively poor.
The days of slavery are over; the days of equality are beyond us.

But, for Earthlings to live peacefully and in harmony, the unequal advantage enjoyed by few must be shaved or willingly shared with the less abled and less endowed.
Money can buy something, most things but not everything.

Fortunately the material well being is unable to match the emotional comfort that religions or Faiths offer; you may be rich but not necessarily happy.
The earlier Earthlings realized the need to care for one another, the better and more harmonious the surroundings will be!
The earlier we reform, rehabilitate and renew the equation, the lesser the sufferings.

With newfound satisfaction and happiness, more space is made available and Earthlings tension shall ease.
The human race can live as long as we do not self-detruct via MAD.

The distance between Earth and Gliese is too far to even dream. 

Whatever philosophy you subscribe to, help your fellow beings.
Make living easier and the heart will be lighter, the environment more cheerful and you make Heaven out of Earth!

Spare a thought for the less fortunate; it is your fortune to be able to give and share.

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