Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life - My Rainbow Connection

E = MC2 ... Energy(E) equals Mass (M) multiplied by the Speed of light (E) squared 

Have you seen how an animal react when it is cornered
Have you heard of how a weakling fights back when he is pushed to extreme
Surely, you have heard how a mother pluck her babies out of harms way

Miracles? No

This is the compacted cumulative energy release at that moment of 'necessity'/action
The intensity and the power is at its epitome
The reactive prowess is unmatched, unseen and non-premeditated

Is this source of energy available to any ordinary person? Yes
We flow with the cosmic forces in the Universe and reaction is dictated by the 'Chi' - the cosmic electrons that gives the ordinary forces added impetus ; the Tsunamic effect of the manifestation of energy thrown forward

An action will cause a reaction
Cause and effects
Simply put 'human beings are able to built up the tempo, create the environment and manage the outcome' though not necessarily in perfection

So, instead of wallowing in self pity, defeats, questioning the/your self-worth and negative thoughts, sink your Soul and energy into your intent, desire and wants and crystalize it through Positive powers

Positive reinforcement begets positive results

Instead of worrying about failures, do your best and let the results do the talking
Chase your dreams and follow your heart

Failures are those who concentrate on worrying even before starting
Failures are those who think they can't even before the game begin

I determine my Fate and Providence is my broad guideline明天由我定,天涯由我选

Like a successful artist, i paint the colors of my life, my way
my rainbow................

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