Sunday, October 24, 2010

Choice Or No Choice

I Want To Be Free...

Dreams are like rainbows; see it, feel it, enjoy it but you can never have it the way it was dreamt... that does not prevent nor stop us from dreaming
I have seen double rainbows
I have tried continuing dreaming when the dream was sweet, rewarding and consuming
But, like the rainbows, I can never chase, continue nor capture it with my awakening

Fantasy, pretension, illusion... like dreams are temporary reprieve for our soiled and toiled Soul
Its the inner self that need escape... Indulge and enjoy a lightness feeling
Fear not that you look weak when you break away from your routine
Its the smart and the bluffs that win the race; ask the hyenas
The Vietnamese sent the French and the Americans packing
The Afgans sent the British and Russians home while the Americans are still looking for a face-saving way out, if no victory is in sight
Table tennis is the only game where the Chinese are playing against fellow Chinese donning different flags; its a choice
"You can't make someone else's choices. You shouldn't let someone else make yours." - General Colin Powell

Set yourself free
Free from bondage and others' expectations
Move swiftly and flow like a fire dancing in the breeze
Do not trade the freedom that you are born with for the material wealth which comes with a price;
...And where thou now exact'st the penalty... a pound of this poor merchant's flesh - Merchant of Venice
Make the right choice
To be healthy, happy and free from bondage
Lord over your choices...or you will be slave unto yourself 
There is a price for everything but I am priceless
The Lightness Of Being

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