Thursday, September 23, 2010


Laugh Away Your Worries...

Whether you live or die, it is about the last breathe
- as long as you are alive, you can choose to be happy and spritely or dead as a dodo

If you are deep in depression, you immobilize yourself
- worse than Bangkok's traffic jam, time moves and day turns into night; you are still in living Hell 

If you worry yourself dead, nobody is able to extract you from the pit
- worrying never solve problems; seek solutions, not indulge in worrying

When the boss screams and you whine, both will lead to deeper discord
- discord strain the mind and relationship and is 'bull in a china shop' 

The body decays and releases toxins as you worry and built stress within
- nuclear fussion and cancer is less destructive than stress; toxins within is a silent killer

Instead of worrying, free the mind and you free your soul
Laughs away your problems and critics
Bend like the grass in a storm than to be the fallen old oak tree as dead man tell no tales

Fight or flight; better be a living coward than a dead hero
Winnings do not necessarily go to the fittest, tallest, brightest goes to the person who lasts
Laughter costs nothing and gives vibrancy and lightness of being

If you complain that life is difficult and tough, why make it worse? Be the happy, charming and bright spark that everybody crave to be with
Or be in self-denial and live a hundred years in misery

Laughter - the best medicine that the Body & Soul can have without any side-effects

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