Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What Is An Incentive And What Is It A Right...

Cars are expensive and are depreciating assets yet there are more families owning two cars or more despite rising COE, ERP, road tax, import tax
Petrol prices go up and hardly ease
Car owners swallow them all with ease only to complain about the lack of car park lots
Such complains are music to the ears of car park operators who with a stroke of pen raise carpark charges 

Housing Development Board (HDB) used to built in anticipation of demand and to make living affordable, if not cheaper 
With a shift in demand patterns, Asian Financial & 2007/08 Financial crisis, HDB shy away from basic homes provisions to 'design & built' and 'built to order'
Coupled with added demand from foreigners and new citizens-to-be, prices spiral upwards
You want better homes, latest designs, quicker completion; there is a price to pay

Instant gratification is almost always expensive

We like to have taxis when we raise our hands
We like the train to breeze by and send us to our destination swiftly
We want the buses to be comfy, speedy and timely
You can have all if, and when, the price is right

It looks like every where/countries you go, there are lesser jobs/opportunities available
Job enlargement and job enrichment have 'eaten up' jobs
Recession and deflation have extinguished many jobs/positions
Like In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the creme positions are wrestled and dominated by the chosen ones
Like million of sperms swimming toward One egg; the winner is the survivor

Why is life getting tougher and rougher?
It has always been the same

Early man fights the animals for space and food
Modern man fights each other for the same reason

Life, and living, has always been the same

Except with globalization, internet & communication, frequent and cheaper flights
The World seems smaller, space dwindle, emotions become rowdier or less containable

Complaints by all means if you can
But, differentiate between Incentives and Rights
Rights is a given
Incentives depend on the givers

I have no grouses; I enjoy the incentives and keep my rights

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