Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stock Markets & The Economies

What goes up must come down but what goes down may stay down for a longer period...

As at closed 16 Oct 2014:                                             As at 31/10/2014, markets closed:

ST -44.5 (3154)                                                               Sti + 39 (3274)
N225 -335 (14738)                                                          N225 +755 (16413)
KLCI -19 (1767)                                                               Klci +12 (1855)
HSI -239 (22900)                                                             Hsi +296 (23998)
JKT -11 (4951)                                                                 Jc I +30 (5089)
DJIA -48 (16093* trading in progress)                              DJIA +195 (17390)
S&P -5 (1856 *)                                                                S&P +23 (2018)
Nasdaq -23 (4190*)                                                          Nasdaq +64 (4630)

The stock markets have been experiencing volatile trading for a spectrum of reasons; weakening oil prices, weak retail prices (US), weak figures from China, Swiss franc abandons euro cap, Russian adventures, ISIS, cessation of QEs' ...whatever!

Today's Index (4 Feb 2015)
ST                    3415
N225               17,678
KLCI               1803
HSI                  24,656
JKT                 5304
DJIA               17,666
S&P                 2050
Nasdaq             4727

Generally, do expect the (various) stock markets to perform well in 1Q into 2Q and we should be expecting the upswing to happen anytime soon. Called it the Capricon Effect or whatever; the deliberate weakening of currencies by a few countries is a clear sign 'monies must go somewhere'!

I am not surprised to see market dropping heavily into/around end3Q to early4Q after topping up (on the charts). The last Qtr 2015 will be very challenging!

Watch and trade with care.


wizard said...

Markets have, in general, been climbing up discounting Ukraine, N Korea & even Greece's financial debacle.

The fear of a 'drop' has been replaced by the hope of better days ahead in a declining commodities prices environment .

wizard said...

21 Mar 2015

Sti 3412
N225 19560
KLCi 1803
HSI 24371
Jkt 5443
DJIA 18127
S&P 2108
Nasdaq 5026

From February to March, most, if not all markets have seen highs. Were you in the market?

There is a couple of opportunities but if missed, it is best to stay!