Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am a Coin

There are two sides to everything...

There is day and night, black and white
There are good and bad, pretty and ugly
Brightness hurts the eyes just as its quite impossible to manoeuvre in total darkness

The sick shall heal as the healthy may falls ill
It's easier to challenge the victor than to remain in victory
I climb upwards towards my goals and expectations only to reach my peak in due course; after the peak, it's down-the-hill, definitely not downhill

Life and living can be quite nonplus

The world worship a winner
A win is a win by any other definition
Being second or almost there is NOT there; a near miss is a miss

I will not show my weaknesses when I am weak and down
I will never show the meek, sadden, broken soul that sometimes strike
There is no place on earth for any weakling

The real world is cruel and has no room for errors
Failures baked in instant hell and defeats cut through steel
Never expect mercy nor compassion; these are divine acts beyond the reach of an average human

 Whatever you do, where ever you are
The side that shines is the RIGHT side of the coin to show and be shown

There is no sympathy for losers, for me and for you

The truth is nobody remembers the loser, the near-winner or the almost 'make=it'

I will be the lighthouse to my Soul

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