Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Am Caged

Freedom comes with responsibility ...

Freedom, responsibility and accountability moderate the outcome
The variance is a product of willingness to face eventuality
The challenge is to create newer frontier and drawing wider boundaries

When you are very capable and focus
When you have everything going for you
But, there is simply no result, no achievement, no reward, no desired outcome
... only frustration

Patience has its limit and my drives may dry up
Creativity is finite and hope alone cannot sustain my journey
Hard work and determination melt and dissipate over time ...

I am afterall a human; With humanly needs, weaknesses and disappointments 

I am cracking under constant non-achievement and thankless jobs
I have walked through many walls, overcame many challenges but without even a slight pat on the shoulder I am emotionally defeated and crashed
Rewards are seemingly illusive; my journey is getting less and less assuring

I am standing at the edge of the cliff
My Providence hangs me precariously and I have no answer to all that I had betted on
My tomorrows are hollow and the future bleak

I am caged

Will I get any better? Will I be lucky? At this very moment, I am a living zombie
My faith in GOD is evaporating like water in the desert sun

Today & now; my spirit is low ebb    

What will tomorrow brings? I will know ... if tomorrow comes

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