Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life's challenges

In my cocoon, I rest ...

What's a career if there is no life and no belonging? Its a nightmare
What's a relationship if there are conflicts, confrontation and contempt? Its a living hell

Without health, wealth is void
When you have a million dollars cash to spare, any additional is just a digit
It will bring you marginal happiness, satisfaction and friends but does not enhance your health

Looking back is always 20/20
Looking for perfection is also looking for setbacks

I have my fair share of defeats and numerous victories
I wanted to be a pilot, a lawyer, a flight steward, a waiter ... but I succeeded in none
But, I knew that whatever I wanted to be, I need to have a skill/skill-set

I gave myself 2 good years to learn everything I needed to learn about my trade
I took all the 'punches' and bullying as a rookie
But, like a good blacksmith, the first sword that I minted was, and still is, the SWORD

The Sword of Honor

I collected my strings of successes
I was the envy of many and a mentor to the newbies

Today, I am still looking for the 'success'
The ever slippery success that few find and many are still looking for ...
I am looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

There are times that the door shut tight on me but I am at ease with open windows
There are times when a moment and the seconds seem dreadfully long  ...

I am still looking for the meaning of Life's successes

Success is a personal achievement; physically, materially, spiritually and attaining a peace of mind

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