Wednesday, April 11, 2012

StockMarket : Then, Now & Forward

In December 27, 2011 (forward 2012), my post reads "Typically, stockmarket experiences a cyclical quarterly low in January (Capricon effects)April (post-results)July (mid-year portfolio realignment) & October (Jupiter dynamism)"

When the crowd is unswervingly positive or negative, its time that the market turns and it always turn in a big way.

If you happen to read most research analysts papers, including newspapers, lately, it has 'forgotten' the deadly sins of 'following the crowd' and most have become bullish. 

Just when you think the water is safe, the sharks appear!

Why does people behave and react in unison? They find comfort in numbers.

My gut feel is market will experience a short term 'sell-off' and recover by early May 2012; be forewarned, every phase is different in intensity and degree of changes. Making money. or losing, is as easy as a touch of the button but few do their homework!

Market leader reads accurately the turning point, trades with patience and waits for opportunity while market followers are neither bull nor bear; they follow in comfort to the abattoir.

Seek opportunity in a sell-off and cash-out when the going is good.   

Let us stay long enough to keep the free flow of beer flowing ... and to contribute a little of your fortune to the less fortunate, less able and poor.

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