Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Thoughts Of A Winner

What goes around, comes around ...

Am I dreaming of the next growth phase in my life? No, its reality in the making
The fire in the belly is something MBA cannot, and will never, teach
The zestness and zeal in the nerves are breaking out and boiling in my blood
I breeze around instead of walk; I feel the energy overflowing my bodily self

If I am a boxer, the opponent will be floored in seconds
If I am a fighter pilot, winning the dogfight is a given
If I am a preacher, the congregation will be moved by my sermons
At this moment, everything is possible

I make my day and decide my Providence

Give me lemon and I will make lemonade
I may be down but I will never be out
The Earth rotates, the Cosmic force disseminates 'like for likes'
Rather than challenge the Environment, I immersed into ONE

I am the magnet of Success as success begets successes  

I blend into the Universe and is physically energised
The game of WINs are for winners
Fear not what tomorrow brings; U reap what U sow
Every tomorrow is exciting and hopeful

I am the Hope, the Vision and the Winner 

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