Friday, April 6, 2012

Dangerous Driving

Life is never cheap ...

"Bus driver ran away to Malaysia before returning to Singapore after killing a pedestrian". "Bus driver did not stop at crossing and ran over a woman, dragging her for a short distance. The pedestrian was pronounced dead". Such headlines seem common nowadays. 

There is a serious lapse of safety consideration and good practices by bus drivers, including truck drivers.

When will the Authorities intervene to ensure that road users, especially the larger vehicles like lorries and buses, comply with road safety standards and rules? Do we need to see more senseless killing of pedestrians on the roads before actions are taken?

I have witnessed heavy trucks and lorries speeding on second and third lanes (for example, driving from East Coast Expressway towards Sheares Bridge). It is common to see buses sprinting out of their privilege lanes, painted in red, onto the next lane without without regards and care to other road users and oncoming traffic.

When I watch the video clip of the bus driver driving into the pedestrian without stopping, it sent shivers down my spine; I wonder what was in his mind? Was he asleep on the wheels? There was no sign of him braking as the brake lights did not lit up.   

I am appealing to the Traffic Police (TP) and other relevant authorities to take immediate actions to make our roads safer. Are the bus drivers adequately trained and aware of our road conditions and safety rules?

Do we need to read more senseless killings on the roads before actions are taken?

 Why bother to save some money and risks other road users' lives?

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